Soldier of Fortune Wallhack and No Fog

For Use with Visual Studio v6+
Download Crusader's bloody awesome WrapGen v2 - WrapGen v2

Open OpenGL32.cpp
Line 117 : Inside the function before (*orig_glEnable) (cap);
Add these 2 lines
 if (cap == GL_FOG)
This will remove Fog completely.

Open OtherOGL.cpp
Aprox Line 637: Function sys_glDrawElements (This controls drawing of all models etc)
Above (*orig_glDrawElements) (mode, count, type, indices); add
 if (count > 600 && count < 1500)
(*orig_glDisable) (GL_DEPTH_TEST);
That's it compile and place opengl32.dll from Release Directory into your SOF2 directory.. This is just a small mod without any key binds etc.. but as you can see any model with a polycount of 600 to 1500 will now come to the fore-front.. Some models are weird and have 3 parts to them.. Torso + legs on one, and arms another with the head seperate also... But you see enough to know they're there..

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